2011 Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 Inaugural Edition

Thanks for visiting my website. I started Rockhaven Auto Sales 22 years ago, March 1993 because of my love and interest for cars. I want to be different, and customers always comment that I put the fun back in to purchasing a used vehicle.Long before I started this business I recognized that because of my interest and mechanical background I had the edge over other dealers. Being in it for the money only, they could not answer basic questions about the product they were selling. I understand that purchasing a used vehicle can be very stressful. The dealer you choose to shop at shouldn’t be more educated on his selling and closing techniques than he is about the quality of vehicle you are considering  purchasing. Most focus on financing, making greater profits over the long loan term enhancing their lifestyle, and handcuffing yours.  Based on this thinking and my knowledge of vehicles I set out to be different.  Let me show you there is a better and stress free way of buying your next pre-owned auto……….