Our inventory can change daily, and more vehicles arrive every week. Some sell before being listed due to our waiting list. If you don’t see something just drop me a line,or check back often!


We Specialize in pre-owned Rav4 and CR-V’s along with Subaru Outbacks and Foresters. Most other makes and models are offered as supply allows.

Years 2005 to 2014

Changes in the used car market have been challenging as of late. The reason being the new car manufacturer will not turn off the car-making machine. In an effort to be number one, there is an overabundance of new vehicles on the new car lots, and the new car lots are told what they have to sell to keep their new car franchise. For the consumer with the resources (money) in hand, this is a good time. New car deals have never been better. Unfortunately, the folks without the resources are  jumping into the 0% 84 months that the new car manufacturers are offering and it’s the consumer, not the manufacturer or new car dealer that is paying the price. 0% does not exist, and is buried in the 84 months  payments. To add to this, many cars are replaced before the 84 months term is up, and the consumer is adding the balance of the previous loan to the new 84 month or whatever the latest incentive new car manufacturers are using to keep consumers buying.  New car stores, in an effort to get new deals, are paying too much for trades so the spread between used and new has shrunk. Buying a well-maintained pre-owned vehicle from a reputable dealer with the resources you have in hand or a 36  to 60 month term at a low interest rate may be better for your situation. Bi-weekly payments will be more affordable, and the vehicle will have reasonable resale value. Warranties are also available to give the consumer peace of mind. Consumers should not allow new car manufacturers to control their finances. Your situation is unique, and should be looked at individually.