About Us

Thanks for visiting my website. I founded Rockhaven Auto Sales  22 years ago in March 1993. I bought my first vehicle in 1972 at 14 years of age and throughout the years I collected and restored rare sought-after automobiles. My enjoyment and passion for vehicles has always driven me to look at the auto industry and wonder why it had to be the way it is. Why do people fall for the  hype and excitement of a radio or TV commercial’s loud announcer yelling to “get down here now or you’re going to miss out on these great deals”. One commercial of late repeatedly states “We are overstocked!” Who’s fault is that?  Remember that new car sales are driven by big manufacturing, and the new car store. Google why you should never buy a new car and see why wealthy people never purchase new. A great example by one fellow asks, ” would you purchase a house today knowing that 5 years from now you will only receive 55% of what you paid should you sell it?” A vehicle at $35000 retail plus tax in Manitoba will cost you $39550. That same vehicle in 5 years is only worth $19250 retail if you choose to sell it. Trade it in and get even less. Why do we do it with a vehicle and accept it as normal, but would not accept it when selling a house? Vehicles built in the last 10 years are very durable and will out perform vehicles built prior to that. The honeymoon with a new vehicle is over long before the final payment comes ( now being offered for 84 months at some new stores ) Don’t let big manufacturing control your next purchase. Remember a new vehicle is a want, and not a need. Always buy used, and bank the rest. At Alvin Kreviazuk’s Rockhaven Auto Sales you will deal only with me. I have no trained sales team with a canned sales approach and a quota of cars to sell each week. The vehicles I select to sell have been personally researched by myself on past history. Why wonder where your vehicle has come from and what conditions it’s been subjected to? If you can control one thing about your next pre-owned auto purchase, try to find out as much as possible regarding past history. Car Proof history reports are supplied with all vehicles so you can make an informed decision. All my vehicles are obtained from the  Adesa Dealer Auctions. I put  each vehicle through a Buyer Protection Plan to be inspected for any mechanical issues or structural repairs. If a vehicle does not pass this inspection, I have the option to refuse the vehicle. This protects  customers from getting a vehicle that I personally wouldn’t want myself. I choose to have high consumer-rated vehicles in my inventory. All vehicles are safetied and reconditioned to give you the best value for your money. You will not be burdened with administration fees, documentation fees and all the other fees dealerships charge. No contests to enter, no prizes for purchasing, no draws, just the best vehicle at an affordable price. You will only pay the agreed upon price plus applicable taxes. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and please browse this  site to learn more about Rockhaven Auto…….Alvin Kreviazuk

Added May 1 2011………Since leasing has stopped during the economic downturn of 2009 there has been a serious shortage of good used autos in our market. Insiders say this will only get worse before it get’s better. A recent article in the Winnipeg free Press on Aug 1 2013 reported exactly this. I have had to go beyond Manitoba, to higher populated provinces to find quality vehicles as have many dealers in Manitoba. Do your home work when researching your next pre-owned vehicle. I have done mine to insure that you will always find the best here at my dealership, and remember, I’m not a banker, but a car guy first, and that makes all the difference.

Added August 22 2015…………Beware of the write off! Rebuilt status vehicles are being offered on local websites like Kijiji and are not identified as DEALERS in their ads. Why? the MB. government allows anyone to purchase these vehicles through Autopac Auctions, and as long as they meet a integrity test and safety regulation, they can be resold to the public. Kijiji is not forcing these folks to advertise as Dealer or Rebuilt so they can and will be advertised as OWNER selling the vehicle, so it is important to ask if it’s a write off, and ask to view the TOD (registration) A Car Proof report will also show if the vehicle is normal status or rebuild. Ask for it. More folks shopping here tell me it’s being encountered quite a bit. A while back, while taking a Honda Civic on trade, I discovered the word salvaged(rebuilt)on the TOD. The person trading the vehicle told me they had no idea, but did have a lot of repairs to deal with over their ownership. I believed her when she told me this , but unfortunately would not take the Civic on trade.